Sweet Dreams Come True

I am like a librarian, and literally hold a collection of 100′s of songs, that have been dictated to me by the mouth of God, through miracles and friends along life’s journey.

Each song is a combination of many experiences merging into the rhythm, melody and vibration of the song. Sprinkled with enlightenment, and enjoyment, feeding not only a good feeling but also spiritual truth.

Many people ask if I have any children, and my reply is automatic without thought “Yes, the world.” I have been blessed with songs that are set with jewels of truth, and the practical application of how to handle life and what’s coming at us.

Listen with your heart to the “Whispers of Angel Wings” and you will hear what has been called “the Sound of the Century.” In the days to come, I will use all that I have been given to bring forth the hundreds of songs from my life living with God on Earth.

Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Live with God, in peace on earth, one nation, one world, one planet. These songs will knock the walls of Jericho down and produce good feelings of freedom. Just relax and “Be Nice, Rejoice and Enjoy.”

Why I Do What I Do

I have lived and borne these songs as a mother’s child. I have hundreds of songs to share. Like the white dove that landed in my hand, I have been given songs of life and peace. I am Alive & Well to say God is Alive & Well. Resurrection is life after death. I am Divine Spirit, not my body. It is time to sound the herald, use my trumpet, and blow my horn. About what? Money? … No. Sex? … No. My name on a billboard? … No. What’s important and with me everywhere? God/Love.

And what am I taking with me when I leave this earth? God/Love. Tragedies are blessings in disguise to cause you to look for the most high, what’s real, and what will last forever. “Just look up at the stars.” Everything I write, sing, and the breath itself is from Almighty. And the voice can become a soothing balm or massage to the soul. I’ve seen depressed people get up and dance to witness souls saved. Heart music transcends person, place and time.

Kris Miller “the Senior Life Coach” CSA, C.E.P.S., LDA

Coaching is not about problems, only opportunities, choices and potential. It is about helping individuals move to an optimal state. To a state of high performance where they get more done with less effort. A senior life coach is a partnership between coach and client that gets to the heart of the matter and not just to help someone get from here to their goal, but to help them permanently break through all the obstacles that previously held them back from achieving their goals. The senior life coach is not only an age related service, it is a sculpted custom plan designed to help with all the challenges during any time of one’s life, with the focus on issues that bombard the “over 50 crowd”. Although these answers can be applied to any age, the concerns of the senior life coach also focuses on solutions for estate planning at all ages and the challenges of life and death and the hereafter. A senior life has the wisdom of experience and the ability to deeply connect with others to hear clearly, an intuit sense of what the client may not be saying. We recognize that or clients have the answers within them and help walking the talk a truly authentic way. Also the coaching process is customized for every single client because each client is different. This strong clear communication, clear vision and purpose inspires people to take life changing action; the ability to see more options; completely out of the box options and breakthrough whatever obstacles are in the way of extraordinary sustainable success.



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